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There is nothing worse than breaking down in your vehicle in the middle of nowhere on a cold day. What do you do if you have no Breakdown Insurance in place? With Mayfair’s Breakdown Insurance it takes some of that stress away from breaking down. With quick response times and 24 hour help wherever you are we can rescue you. Under our Breakdown Insurance policy we will cover you and your passengers in the event of a breakdown, and can offer you accommodation at a hotel if we can’t get you on your way. Check out all our benefits below and see what we can offer you today whether it is for your Car Insurance, Van Insurance or Motorcycle Insurance and more, we can offer you high levels of cover. All our Breakdown Insurance policies come with Home Start as standard get a quote today.
Prices from as little as £4.00 per month.

Under our Breakdown Insurance policies we can cover:
    •    UK&EU Cover (Optional)
    •    Homestart & Onward Travel
    •    Cars Vans and Taxis
    •    Vehicles of any age

Some of the benefits with our Breakdown Insurance policies are:
    •    Emergency Assistance 24 Hours A Day, 365 Days
    •    5 Callouts Per Year
    •    Any Age Vehicle
    •    Homestart
    •    Cover for Driver and 6 Passengers
    •    Onward Travel
    •    Overnight Accomodation / Hire Car / Transport Costs
    •    Message Relay Service
    •    Uk and European Cover


Key Insurance

We have all thought that we have lost our keys at some point whether they were found or not. But has anyone thought about how low cost Key Insurance can be? Most keys form part of your cars immobilisation security and although this protects you car from theft it doesn’t protect you wallet from the high cost of a replacement key. Our Key Insurance will not only pay out for locksmith charges, new locks and keys but also promotes an active scheme to find your missing keys through the policies reward scheme. To choose our Key Insurance Policy please select as an optional cover in our Motor Insurance and Home Insurance Quotations.

XS Protection Insurance

XS Protection Insurance from Mayfair will pay the excess you may have to pay in the event of a claim. Our XS Protection Insurance can cover many types of Motor Insurance policies from private cars to company cars to even Taxi Insurance. XS Protection Insurance will ensure that after a claim has been made you will get the XS back and this could save you plenty of money if a claim were to happen. We can’t predict the future but we can ensure we are not out of pocket if we need to make a claim. With our superb deals on Car Insurance which we can cover anything from your day to day car to your Ferrari and with our fantastic XS Protection Insurance policy this could be the last place you need to look. See what Mayfair can do for you today, to choose our XS Protection Insurance policy please select this as an optional cover in our Motor Insurance quotation page.

Gap Insurance

Just Bought a New Car? Mayfair’s Gap Insurance will insure you for the difference between what you paid for a vehicle and what an insurance company says its worth following a claim. Gap Insurance is a must for someone buying a new vehicle since a new vehicle depreciates right after it is driven from the showroom. Most dealerships will offer this to you when you buy a new vehicle but at a high premium. Not just new cars, we can offer Gap Insurance to a vehicle that is a new purchase to you even if the vehicle is not brand new itself. Mayfair can offer you Gap Insurance at a discounted premium see what we can offer you.